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Battery production procedure

fonditrice macchina-fonditrice
1. Lead ingots are melted in foundries 2. A grid is created with lead
griglie impasto
3. Grids are transported to the mixture zone 4. The mixture of lead oxide is prepared
lamierino placche-impilate
5. The mixture is spread on grids 6. The grid with mixture constitutes the positive or negative plate
gruppi inserimento-gruppi
7. Plates are divided in positive and negative 8. Plates are inserted into boxes
batteria pinzatrice
9. Boxes are then sent to the assembly division 10. The plates in each box are opportunely connected each other
coperchi batteria-su-linea
11. Covers are prepared 12. Covers are welded on boxes
13. Boxes are sent to the division to prepare positive and negative lead poles 14. Boxes are filled with sulphuric acid, closed, and stacked by a robot
15. Groups of batteries are sent to the charge division to be charged 16. The batteries are then cleaned
17. In the warehouse the batteries are packed and stocked divided by model 18. Batteries are loaded onto trucks to be sent to IMPERIAL stores